• Two-night accommodation in hotel and full breakfast;All dinners in hotel;Lunch at the Moutan Centre;Lunch at the Hostaria del Ponte;

    Professional Tour guide;


    Guided Tours  and Admissions to Gardens and Monuments in the tour;

    Promotuscia Customer Service;

    Medical and luggage insurance.


  • Flights;Drinks during meals;Hotel Service porterage;Local taxes;





Day 1

In the afternoon arrival in Viterbo,  and check in to a 4-star hotel.

Free time for independent lunch.

Guided tour of the city by a tour guide, through the medieval quarters of the old town centre rich in history and legends.  These are the landmarks to visit:  Comunale Palace, Sala Regia and its frescoes. Gesu Square, the political centre of the city up to the middle of  XIII century, Morte square characterized by a spindle fountain built at the start of  200’. Farnese Palace, the popular Duomo Square with the cathedral of San Lorenzo, the magnificent Papale Palace, emblem of the city,  and the Palace  of Valentino Pagnotta. Next is S Maria della Verita’ and its suggestive cloister.  Stroll through the medieval quarter San Pellegrino,  full of  beautiful balconies  with flowers, craft shops and antique stores.  Return to the hotel.


Day 2

Guided tour of Moutan Botanic Centre. It is named after a type of  tree peony  from China, and was built in 1993.  This name was  chosen for the centre out of a deep desire to know all the species and varieties of Chinese trees peony, find them in the remotest regions of Asia, import them to Europe, bring them together in a single place, and acknowledge their existence. The centre is located in the north part of Lazio, covering an area of 15 hectares, and houses  the world’s largest collection of trees and herbaceous peony. It includes around 600 different varieties and natural hybrids belonging to well-known botanical species. Meeting with garden designer Emanuele Bortolotti. In his book “Unexpected Garden” , he  deals with landscape design and external green arrangements at different scales, where it is possible to change the image of the city. Bortolotti was born in Milan in 1955, and  is one of the founders of the Firm AG&P, and today is one of the  Managers together with Paolo Villa. Lunch offered by the centre. In the afternoon, transfer to La Vigna , owned by D Amico family, located in the Calanchi Valley.  The garden features  countless shrubs and roses scattered in the garden, bushes, and even in the vineyard: based on ancient  countryside  tradition, a plant is at the top of each line.

After the visit, tasting of the wine produced by the D Amico Family, in cellars designed  by the architect  Luca Brasini, underneath the gardens,  with an ideal temperature of 16°. The idea came from an existing Etruscan cellar in the garden. The cellar is divided into two parts: In the  older one, in tuff  with huge arches, the wine is left brewing in wooden durmast barrels, and in the other, characterized by big columns,  the wine is bottled and labelled.

Dinner at the Zaffera restaurant in Viterbo. It is situated  in a monastery of the VX century, in the medieval quarter of San Pellegrino. Return to the hotel.

Day 3

Departure for Bagnoregio in the heart of Calanchi Valley, to visit,  along with the owner , Hortus Unicorni in Vetriolo. It is  a botanical private garden rich in Magnolias, Liliums, Peonies, Irises, hedges of box, Ceanothus,  and plants  from different countries.  Next is Clarisse Garden in Bagnoregio, a jewel known by  few. A collection of flowers and herbs like in the traditions of monastic vegetable gardens.  The lunch is in  Hostaria del Ponte in Bagnoregio. It is located on a cliff falling sheer  into the valley.

Departure and end of the tour